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The Texas Short Line & Regional Railroad Association supports improvements to enhance safety and efficiency of rail infrastructure in order to drive economic growth for Texas businesses and improve life for Texans.  Texas continues as the top exporting state in the nation claiming over $279 billion in international trade.  Our economy relies on efficient rail structure and our quality of life relies on environmentally friendly methods of moving goods.  At TSLRRA we are united to promote the economic impact of Texas short line railroads, research issues surrounding rail transportation, as well as inform and represent our members on legislative and regulatory issues.




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Annually over 379 Million tons of freight move by rail in the state of Texas. America’s railroads move a ton of freight an average of 476 miles on one gallon of fuel.  It would require approximately 21.1 million more trucks on Texas roads to handle the same amount of freight traffic currently handled by Texas rail.  An efficient rail network in Texas significantly reduces the wear and tear on our tax payer funded public roads and bridges.  Increasing the life span of our infrastructure investments frees up tax dollars for other competing interests.

Texas freight railroads provide direct income for over 43,000 Americans.  In addition, tens of thousands of other jobs would not be available were it not for the Texas railroad network.  By providing a lower cost shipping alternative Texas railroads help farmers and businesses lower their cost of production and share their finished product with our nation at lower cost. This also allows them to reinvest in their own future growth creating new employment opportunities.

The environmental impact of moving goods is greatly reduced when freight moves by rail.  Support the environment and jobs, support TSLRRA.  

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